Updated: December 9th, 2021

Derry GAA annual accounts show a surplus of £348k

Ahead of next Monday’s annual convention, Derry GAA treasurer Martin Devlin has published the county’s financial accounts, which show a surplus of £348,842 for the 2021 financial year.

Total income

Income for the year is £1,081,687 which is up from the 2020 figure of £943,870. This includes commercial income of £208,213, and income from associated bodies. Also included is an intake from the #WeAreDerry Derry GAA Championships streaming service, which amounted to over £45k and is a combination of live TV subscriptions and Season Passes for on-demand 2021 Championship content. 


Net expenditure is down to £850,511 in 2021 from a level of £946,818 in 2020. This includes a 15% increase in team expenditure from £340,294 (2020) to £392,178 in the 2021 financial year.

Capital Expenditure 

Capital spend during 2021 included works to upgrade two training pitches at Owenbeg, now in their final stages, as well as the installation of a next generation broadband facility which was used to live stream games from Owenbeg during the club championships. The new pitches are expected to be available for use during summer 2022.