Updated: October 20th, 2022

2022 County Final: Matchday Programme

Our Official Matchday programme is back for the 2022 SFC & IFC Finals at Celtic Park. In the year Chrissy McKaigue famously belted out his “our time” speech, the theme of the issue is, fittingly, “time”…

Front cover courtesy of Niall McGlinchey

Chris McCann’s piece on how our teams stay ageless in an ever-changing world conjures up many memories for us all. There’s a feature on Derry great Paddy Bradley and how he manages time in a hectic sporting and professional life. Odhran Crumley reminisces about a red and white summer in which time was called on a sleeping giant.

We rewind the clock back to 1959 to visit the nascent generations building clubs Watty Graham and Robert Emmett. Back in the present, Declan Bogue looks at what marks Malachy O’Rourke out as being ahead of his time. And we consider whether time has already caught up on the GAA’s plans to delve into the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency.

The creation of our matchday programmes would not be possible without the ability to call on the many Gaels in our county who willingly volunteer their time and energy to contribute to their production. We are indebted to these guys, for their generosity and for their talent. Thank you for helping us make a top-quality production that is packed with thoughtful words and gorgeous imagery.

The assistance of our participating clubs is also greatly appreciated, in what is already a hectic build up for them.

So… don’t forget to grab a copy at Sunday’s big match!