Updated: July 24th, 2020

Ticketing Policy for Derry Club Fixtures 2020

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, all Adult club championship matches are required to be All-Ticket games. This allows 100% of tickets to be purchased away from grounds and separately allows for a controlled arrival of match day supporters without the need to collect cash at the stiles.

Ulster GAA, having consulted with the GAA nationally, are therefore advising that in GAA grounds with perimeter fencing with viewing access on all four sides there should be no more than 400 people present at a game (including essential match personnel). In all other grounds the number of people attending a game (including essential match personnel) should be limited to a maximum of 250, though in some cases (e.g. grounds with no perimeter fencing) the number might be lower.

There is an onus on both the spectator and the organisers to ensure that all social distancing requirements are adhered to. This is currently 2 metres.

In line with GAA protocols, supporters are strongly advised to wear face coverings at games. Patrons are also encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser.

Clubs are reminded that dressing rooms and indoor facilities remain closed. It is also recommended that dugouts should not be used. If being used, they can only be done so in accordance with the 2 metres social distancing regulations.

There is an onus on all to adhere to the guidelines – by doing so we will help hasten the day where higher numbers of spectators will be able to attend our games in a safe and regulated matter.

Ticketing information

Derry County GAA will work with My Ticket App to manage ticketing for our Club games.

Any venues hosting (whether a neutral or home game) will appoint one person to liaise with County Secretary, Sean Keane, to ensure correct protocols are in situ on the day.

Ticket Allocation to clubs

While the maximum people at games remains at 400 which includes all match personnel, the two clubs involved will be allocated a maximum of 125 tickets per club for spectatorswith the remaining 50 going on general sale.

Prices: £5 for single game; £7 for double-header (i.e Senior/Reserve games)

Club secretaries must confirm in writing to the county secretary by 8pm on the Tuesday of the week leading to the game how many of the 125 tickets they require.

Due to attendance restrictions in place, and in order to facilitate club members, there will be no concessions on ticket prices at this time. All patrons entering the grounds must have a ticket.

To purchase tickets for General Sale

Download My Ticket App to your mobile device, choose the fixture they want to attend, then choose the ticket(s), add your personal details and pay with credit card. Once the order is successful, you will receive an email with eTicket attached as a .pdf and an eticket available on the app.

iOS users: download My Ticket App HERE

Android users: download My Ticket App HERE