Updated: March 26th, 2020

STATEMENT: The need for ongoing community support

The message to our community now is to stay at home and stay safe.

The GAA is doing vital work to ensure this message is heard and also to provide assistance to those who need it as quickly and effectively as it can.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has pushed our games, woven into the fabric of our springs and summers, to the background for now, but there are still plenty of ways for us to stimulate our minds as we navigate these uncertain times.

The GAA community has stepped to the forefront in recent weeks; it has exploded with creative ways of promoting our games during this temporary pause.

Our local newspapers and digital publications continue to provide quality content to help keep us safe, keep us informed and keep us entertained.

The people who promote the GAA provide an invaluable service. They capture moments which last long after the final whistle blows. If we want to support them into the future we must support these outlets now.

We urge GAA followers to support our local media outlets…